What does “the cloud” mean to you?

How can it help your business?

While there’s a lot of hype about cloud computing, in reality, it’s just using the internet as a platform to provide and consume information through a web-enabled device, like a web browser or smartphone. It can be a cost-effective way for businesses to access off-the-shelf resources without shouldering any software engineering or development costs. Or it can be profitable new channel for your business’s goods, services and data.

Peachtree Solutions works with a range of cloud technologies and services, including:

Salesforce.com — We can integrate your existing applications with Salesforce.com or develop a custom application on the Force.com platform, allowing you to share your important prospecting, sales, contact and forecasting data back and forth.

Single Sign-on — Work with multiple web applications that require you to login and remember yet another username and password? Peachtree Solutions develops single sign-on solutions based on the industry standard SAML protocol that increase efficiency while preserving security. One user ID equals great convenience and speed.

SOAP-Based APIs — We can make you part of the cloud by developing a web-based API around your existing applications, allowing you to share data and services with vendors and customers, even if they are on a different platform. Or, we can help you consume data and services from existing web-based APIs exposed by the biggest names online. This means you can both push and pull data as needed for eCommerce solutions, eBay and Amazon integration, business-to-business data exchange, or integration with analytics tools


Featured Project

Salesforce.com: A Love Story

Our client adores salesforce.com, and wanted to use it with the company’s existing business systems. Now, thanks to our integration, salesforce.com and the client’s in-house applications communicate perfectly and share everything.

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Integrating with salesforce.com was a must for us, and Peachtree Solutions did it right. They understood exactly what we needed. It’s changed the way we do business.

Chris Lydle, VP of Marketing Christian Copyright Solutions