A Technical Blueprint

To support your project, with or without us

At the end of each project, we also give you the keys to your application. We deliver a full technical blueprint so that your future projects — with or without us — will be easier to support.

Client documentation includes:

  • Primary, secondary and tertiary navigation architecture
  • Utility navigation
  • Workflow and process flow diagrams
  • Site maps
  • Off-the-shelf software selections
  • Relevant concept explanations
  • Security models
  • Base templates for all screens
  • Database schema
  • Business object models and designs
  • Coding standards
  • Naming conventions
  • Master file list with descriptions
  • User controls
  • Configuration files
  • Screen-level inputs and validations
  • Screen-level functional notes
  • Screen-level technical notes
Database Design
We use a five-step process to ensure that everything goes as planned, to mitigate risk and maximize ROI. This results in a successful outcome every time.
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