Christian Copyright Solutions A Love Story

There are certain applications people can’t live without. In the case of Christian Copyright Solutions, was one of them. Our client loved using for his sales outreach and contact tracking, and was anxious to integrate it with the company’s proprietary work process software, Copyright Solver. He was confident that using would help Christian Copyright Solutions break into a huge untapped market without adding an army of salespeople. He was right.

Using the API, Peachtree Solutions bridged the two software programs with great success. All account data is now shared between the two systems. All renewals are flagged as “opportunities” and automatically assigned to salespeople for follow-up. All of the company’s forecasting is fed by real, current data from the in-house database.

By integrating the sales process and the work process, the company has been able to grow exponentially. And our client? He’s loving even more now that it’s integrated with his system.

Technologies Used:

  • API
  • ASP.Net
  • SQL Server

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Integrating with was a must for us, and Peachtree Solutions did it right. They understood exactly what we needed. It’s changed the way we do business.

Chris Lydle, VP of Marketing Christian Copyright Solutions